Camping Trip 2024

Empathy with Nature 

Camping Trip


(This video is from first year.

Dates stated are different.)

 This year is Friday Aug. 2 ~ Monday 5

(August long weekend)

Connecting to the Spirit in Nature through your spiritual nature

PURPOSE: The purpose of this camping trip is to take people into the woods and deepen their experience in a twofold manner. First, to increase their knowledge and confidence in the external demands of camping in the woods for 2 nights. Second, to deepen their inner experience in connecting with Nature. This is born out of the program I (Jesse) ran during 2021-22, Empathy with Nature, which explored nature from more of an "inside-out" perspective. You are not required to have participated in this program, but it will be a basis for engaging with the Spirit in Nature through our own spiritual nature.

The time in the woods will include the option to hike, swim, outdoor yoga, meditation and inner practices.


"The camping trip was a great opportunity for me to deepen my comfort in deep nature. We hiked into a secluded part of the woods with so many surprises on the way like beaver damns, fern gullies and clear water. I learned how to start a cooking fire, set up camp, bear-proof the site,  filter water and how to best pack for a camping trip and hike into deep woods with minimal gear. It was a bit of a challenge to let go and trust at first. The trip was well organized and all the behind-the-scenes touches were there set in place, which made me feel more comfortable with hiking and camping off-grid. I recommend this trip to anyone looking to build their confidence in the elements of nature and develop self-reliance. There was lots of time to sit in quiet contemplation with nature and also connect with other participants authentically. There was no wifi, but the connection was deeper and more meaningful."

Agnieszka Wec, 2022 participant 

UPCOMING DATES: Friday Aug. 2 - Monday Aug. 5, 2023 (weekend of statutory holiday)

This weekend begins with an early start on Friday Aug. 4, driving to the Devil's Lake trailhead just south of Minden, followed by a 2-3 hour hike into the campsite on Sheldon Lake in the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, where we will set up our tents for the weekend. A full list of what to bring will be provided when you register. Food will be provided at the campsite but you will need to bring personal supplies (ie: sleeping bag) for the weekend. Required things will be minimal as you will be carrying them in, in your own backpack. Tent arrangements will be worked out once we have established who is participating. We will be backpacking out on Monday afternoon, followed by the return drive.


Link to park

Link to map

WHO FOR: This is a weekend camping trip open to all. It will be a blend of self-structure time to relax, meditate, swim, and enjoy the group vibe, as well as some structured exercises together to build confidence in camping and empathy with nature.

The 2 hour hike to campsite has modest challenges, but we'll take it slow, and with good hiking shoes, a water bottle, and minimal gear in backpack, is doable for anyone who can walk that distance (there is some up and down hills, over rocks, and one beaver dam to cross).

It is asked that people do not bring cameras or other recording devices into the forest. Cell phones can be left in cars at the trailhead. We will use enhanced capacities of the mind, such as empathy, to record the impressions of Nature. 

YOUR GUIDE: I (Jesse) have been into wilderness camping in the back-country since childhood, and have gone on numerous canoe trips with friends the past few years. More recently I have explored solo tripping, and did a two week solo canoe trip in the same area we will be going to. I am interested in getting others out of the city and more connected with Nature, both through the physicality of camping, but also through practices that allow us to connect to the spirit of Nature through our own spiritual nature.

COST: $275 (fully refundable if you need to cancel)

$225 Early Bird if by July 25

This covers the cost for the weekend program, including food while at campsite.

Transportation (gas) is worked out with drivers. Car-pooling available.

If you want to attend but have financial restrictions, please talk to me.

E-transfer to:



If you are interested or have questions, please reach out. You'll get the gear list and other information upon registration. Please note this is an alcohol and substance free event - we will get high on Nature!

During 2 week solo canoe trip in 2021 ...

... actually ... a stand up paddle board trip ;-)