Structure & Content of Advance Training

NOTE: The Advance Training is modular, therefore it is not necessary to commit to all 3 terms (although optimal).  However, they do need to be taken in consecutive order.

~ ~ ~ 

Just as the motto for the Spiritual Bootcamp is “practice – practice – practice,” the motto for the Advance Training is “integrate – integrate – integrate.”  This is not to say there isn’t new knowledge and practices introduced here. There’s lot’s! But this indicates an important point – the foundation of first-principles must continually be revisited and kept strong, so as Master-Builders we can build-up and expand in a safe and effective manner.

The wise way forward is of course the continual weaving of the three threads of human experience – the social, the sensual and the spiritual.  In the Kriya-Tantra Yoga thread, we will build upon the foundation stones (jewels) we received from Jewel in the Lotus, referencing the sequel, The Ipsalu Formula for Tantric Bliss, as well as other yogic sources.  As Master-Gardeners of the inner landscape, deeper attention to the "chakra-stalk" and cultivation of kundalini’s evolutionary power will be the spiritual backbone of our journey as we move through the 3 terms: 

Term 1:  Eye of the Eagle

Term 2:  Tail of the Dragon 

Term 3:  Heart of the Sphinx

In the Spiritual thread, we will continue our group study of Rudolf Steiner’s How to Know the Higher Worlds.  This classic text gives the basis to be able to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence through Spiritual-Science.  We will continue to unpack the nature of the human being from a spiritual perspective  and the modern path of self-initiation. 

In the social thread, we will go deeper into relationship and communication skills, including more circle work. As Skilled Friends we will continue to work in pairs, practicing our dyad and dialogue skills, and striving to become Master-Facilitators in continued use of the powerful body-based Focusing to aid in the processing of our "soul substance". There will be instruction on Nonviolent Communication. The curriculum introduces other modalities and practices as needed in addressing the issues of each chakra.