BootCamp training

Body, Soul & Spirit Bootcamp

Wave 12

Runs 10 Thursday evenings, 7 ~ 10pm

In the Loft or on Zoom

Oct. 10 ~ Dec. 12, 2024

(plus 1 Weekend Immersion)


 Knowledge & tools for personal development


Jesse Stewart is co-founder and director of the Body, Soul and Spirit Bootcamp Training. He has worked as a spiritual-psychotherapist for over 30 years, and developed the Skilled Friends relationship program. He teaches Kriya-Tantra Kundalini yoga and has pioneered a 33-Chakra system. For a more extensive background, see the Class Faculty page.

What is Body, Soul & Spirit Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp weaves together the 3 levels of human existence, Body, Soul and Spirit, tapping the power of each and harmonizing them together for greater flow of Life.  It is designed to support people in upgrading their skills and taking their lives to the Next Level.

The Body aspect of The Bootcamp addresses the physical & pranic unit, strengthened through basic to advanced Kriya-Tantric yoga practices, increasing energy and ultimately engaging kundalini for well-being and enhanced consciousness. 

The Soul aspect addresses the "soul-cial" nature of the human being, social behaviours and personality temperaments, with perspectives and practices in communication, relationship and facilitation skills. 

The Spiritual aspect of the training allows participants to extend their consciousness beyond the material world through meditation and chakra development, and addresses questions about the Ego and life beyond this plane of existence. 


This is a program in practical knowledge and interactive learning to cultivate radical aliveness and harmonious relationships. It will bring a true understanding Eros, the passion for living, which fuels our joy and creativity in all areas of our lives. It will focus to LifeForce energy activation through Kundalini yoga practices.

 It will include learning about masculine and feminine hormonal cycles and how to optimize them for our optimal health and vitality, balancing these polarities within, to give birth to our unique authentic self. 

Conscious cultivation of relationships for growing love, increasing passion, and skills for mutual support. Not to mention ~ how to be a great Lover - fire & water sexual dynamics, and becoming multi-orgasmic through Taoist and Tantric practices.

Emotional healing ~ what we can feel we can heal. 

Authentic relating practices for better communication and connection.

Creating Sacred Union: from role-mate to soul-mate to whole-mate. 


The rhythm is a weekly meeting interweaving the threefold components for Body, Soul and Spirit. There is also one weekend immersion, date to be decided. Between sessions participants have reading assignments.

If people need to miss some meetings for work, travel, illness or similar compelling circumstances, this is acceptable. However, this is not a “come when you feel like it drop-in program.” It is a bootcamp with a focused intensity to help people entrain with the valuable skills and knowledge they will acquire.

How to Participate

If you are interested send an email to:

A personal connection and conversation before or during the Orientation Evening will help participants to "see if The Boot fits."



Includes all handouts and refreshments for break each class.

Investment & Commitment

The training can be paid for all at once, or in installments if necessary. We like to think of the tuition as an investment in yourself. Financial arrangements are available if needed. The intention is that this program is accessible to anyone who feels called to it. People repeating the program, "Rebooters," get a $100 discount.

Letter of Introduction

At some point before or during the first week, please send a brief (1-2 page) letter giving us information about yourself: why you are interested, previous trainings, health issues … anything you feel relevant for us to know to support your personal development and spiritual awakening. Also indicate any known scheduling issues. All information is respected with confidentiality. Please include your birth date with year.


The more you do to prepare for the Bootcamp the clearer the way will be for you and the further you’ll be able to advance while in it. You will be receiving a lot of good energy by participating in this “high vibe circle” and could experience detoxing on any level of your being.  That’s the good news. Any kind of intensified training inherently involves a certain amount of purifying of body, soul and spirit, so it is good to start preparing now to better reap the rewards of your efforts while in the program. Areas to consider are: diet, physical exercise, and cultivating an inner life.

When the Bootcamp begins all you need is a notepad, a readiness to receive.

The Understanding

The combination of the 3 components of the Bootcamp, Body, Soul and Spirit, will be rich with experience and learning. You should consider this your “thing” for the duration of the Bootcamp. Clear the deck of distractions so you can invest as much as possible in it … and get much more out of it. Students will be given handouts to study for group discussion, and techniques to practice.

Upon Completion

 After “crossing the finish line” as an Athlete of the Spirit, grads will become a part of the Beyond the Boot Community that has on-going events and community building gatherings. You will also have access to the Dyad Network – a community of like-minded, like-skilled people, with whom you can do dyad swaps. There is a Beyond the Boot email as well as a WhatsApp  group to keep people connected and facilitate finding dyad partners.