BootCamp training

Body, Soul & Spirit Bootcamp

SPECIAL EDITION with jesse stewart & elena klymenko

Runs 10 Thursday evenings, 7 ~ 10pm

Apr. 6 ~ June 8, 202

(plus 1 Weekend Immersion TBD)

1)  Body: Training in Kriya-Tantra Yoga & Kundalini

2)  Soul: Relationship Skills & Peer Facilitation

3)  Spirit: Spiritual Development & Spiritual-Science

 Knowledge & tools for personal development

What is the Spiritual Bootcamp?

The Body, Soul & Spirit Bootcamp Training weaves together the 3 threads of human existence – yogic, social & spiritual– tapping the power of the Self and engaging more in the flow of Life.  It is designed to support people in upgrading their participation in Life and taking it to the Next Level.

1) Kriya-Tantra Yoga training based on The Jewel in the Lotus and meditation training based on Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan M.D.

2) Relationship, communication and facilitation skills based on Mars-Venus, Skilled Friends, Authentic Relating, Focusing, Personality Types, Archetypes, etc.

3) Spiritual and personal development based on Spiritual-Science, blending eastern & western, ancient & modern perspectives and practices, and introducing Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy.

1)  Kriya-Tantra, Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Training

 This involves a study and practice of Kriya-Tantra Yoga based on the text Jewel in the Lotus: A Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness (Sunyati Saraswati), and meditation based on Awakening the Third Eye (Samuel Sagan M.D.) as the main framework. This program has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom that is well laid out and includes a) theory and background information, b) individual practices, c) couples practices and d) awareness exercises.

You do not need to be in a partnership to participate. All gender identifications are welcome. Participants experience a significant improvement in health and well-being to physical, mental and spiritual life.

2)  Relationship Skills & Peer Facilitation

 The Tantra work will expand boundaries as consciousness seeks to grow and will naturally involve working through psycho-spiritual material. This opens the door to explore unconscious issues and resources, as we grow and transform. To serve this, the training includes circle work to improve communication and relating skills with modalities such as Non-violent Communication and Authentic Relating.

The dynamics then moves into dyads (working in pairs), where we learn to hold empathic space for each other, while processing "soul substance."   This involves learning Peer Facilitation skills and working with a powerful modality called Focusing. These skills are widely applicable whether in a personal or professional context and will greatly improve ones standing as a social being.

3)  Spiritual Growth through Spiritual-Science and Activation

As a person experiences an expanded reality, and has the support for soul-work to facilitate greater inner growth, the path of personal evolution will accelerate. In order to maintain momentum and clarity it is important to continue learning about the nature of the spiritual journey and modern self-initiation in our current times.

Therefore, the training includes study of Spiritual-Science and working with practices designed for modern minds in modern times. This helps people navigate the polarities of scientism and new-ageism predominant in our culture. Inspirational sources range from Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy, Dr. Ibrahim Karim's Biogeometry, Clairvision work by Samuel Sagan M.D., Joe Dispenza, Paramahansa Yoganada, making the training something of a modern Mystery School. Participants are introduced to the powers of muscle testing, rod dowsing, and vibrational pendulum work.  Jesse also does regular talks on Spiritual Science as Social Activism and Self-Initiation – which are recorded and posted on YouTube.


The rhythm is a weekly meeting interweaving the threefold components: Tantra, Relationship & Facilitation Skills and Spiritual-Science. Between meetings participants have homework (homeplay) to complete, as well as pair up to do dyad swaps (facilitating each other in processing), to practice the skills taught.

If people need to miss some meetings for work, travel, illness or similar compelling circumstances, this is acceptable. However, this is not a “come when you feel like it drop-in program.” It is a bootcamp with a focused intensity to help people entrain with the valuable skills and knowledge they will acquire. If a participant finds the commitment too much they can leave and consider beginning again with another Wave.

How to Participate

If you are interested send an email to:

This may lead to a personal or phone meeting.

With this sort of training it is helpful if an interested person has a sense they are being called to it — that it feels aligned and that they are getting green lights from the universe. And that it feels like the right time. If not sure, we are happy to discuss it with you to help determine your connection to this work at this time.



Extra Materials

All handouts, snack foods and sundries are included in the tuition.

Investment & Commitment

The training can be paid for all at once, or in monthly installments. We like to think of the tuition as an investment in yourself. Financial arrangements are available if needed. The intention is that this program is accessible to anyone who feels called to it.

The greater price to be paid is the commitment you make. It is a commitment to yourself and the other participants to show up, do the work, and carry your weight as a pillar in the circle – making participation a priority for the duration. This is what ultimately puts you in the “Loading Zone of Life” where you can unload the unnecessary ballast you carry and receive the abundance Life has to offer when you participate fully.

The return on your investment is the opportunity to accelerate your growth through the circle-work, dyads (working in pairs) and individual assignments. And to recognize how your life  influences the whole ~ that’s how powerful you are! When you have crossed the “Finish Line” of the Bootcamp you will carry priceless knowledge within yourself and be able to “pay it forward” to the world with greater value.

Letter of Introduction

When certain about becoming a committed participant, please send a brief (1-2 page) letter giving us information about yourself: why you are interested, current circumstances, past spiritual experiences & training, health issues … anything you feel relevant for us to know in supporting your personal development and spiritual awakening. Also indicate any known scheduling issues. All information is respected with confidentiality.

All interested people are invited to attend the Orientation Meeting to hear a presentation with Q&A.


The more you do to prepare for the Bootcamp the clearer the way will be for you and the further you’ll be able to advance while in it. You will be receiving a lot of good energy by participating in this “high vibe circle” and could experience detoxing on any level of your being.  That’s the good news. Any kind of intensified training inherently involves a certain amount of purifying of body, mind and spirit, so it is good to start preparing now to better reap the rewards of your efforts while in the program. Areas to consider are: diet, physical exercise, and cultivating an inner life.

When the Bootcamp begins all you need is a notepad, a readiness to receive and comfortable clothing for some of the physical practices. 

The Understanding

The combination of the 3 components of the Bootcamp (Tantra, Peer Facilitation, and Spiritual-Science) will be rich with experience and learning. This challenge could be approached as a marathon, where there is a continual need for effort (studying, practising, dyading, attending weekly gatherings, self-care, etc.). So you should consider this your “thing” for the duration of the Bootcamp. Clear the deck of distractions so you can invest in as much as possible … and get even more out!

The tone of the program is as a study group to better comprehend the nature of the spiritual journey. This training may be the first serious step for some in their conscious awakening, and exposure to concepts ranging from chakras, kundalini, soul-work and spiritual practices. Therefore the understanding is that no one is expected to master all the practices and concepts immediately. People are expected to do their best with the practices and keep up with the reading assignments. However, no one is expected to immediately integrate the learning into their daily life. This takes time and will be a gift to unwrap the rest of your life.

There is a certain level of intimacy as well as vulnerability in working as a group, so gatherings are conducted in a spirit of respect, awareness of privacy issues, and attentiveness to boundaries. Furthermore, people are asked to not imbibe of intoxicants or consciousness altering substances in any time-frame prior to gatherings and dyads, that would affect their presence and impinge upon the comfort of others. To participate means to realize you are engaged in a circle of people which extends beyond our physical meetings and that all actions have a ripple effect that can be felt by all. So the understanding is that we all endeavour to conduct our lives, both inside and outside of the circle, in a manner that feeds the field with healthy energies.

Upon Completion

 After “crossing the finish line” as an Athlete of the Spirit, grads will become a part of the Beyond the Boot Community that has on-going events and community building gatherings. You will also have access to the Dyad Network – a community of like-minded, like-skilled people, with whom you can do dyad swaps. There is a Beyond the Boot email as well as a WhatsApp  group to keep people connected and facilitate finding dyad partners.