HEAR what Grads Are saying …

The Spiritual Bootcamp is really something special. To have the opportunity to study and experience such a choice selection of spiritual material is in itself outstanding. To do so in a group as genuinely supportive and encouraging as I was a part of, in an environment so saturated with good vibrations, in co-creation with a teacher as knowledgeable, whole-hearted, and passionate as Jesse is -- there's just so much about this that, when taken all together, is truly one-of-a-kind. I came through the course spiritually invigorated and stabilized. What a gift.

~ Michael Reginato, Wave 9

Jesse's course was instrumental in my personal development as it reinforced my spiritual journey. He helped me understand the depth of my imagination and rekindled the ability to experience vision. I was also happy to embrace the darker sides of my being and learn to redirect this energy instead of suppressing it. I was happy to learn new ways to communicate with others and meditative tools to process difficult moments and negativity.

~ Andres Betancourt, Wave 9

"The Spiritual Bootcamp is a life-changing experience akin to a scholarship at Hogwarts or a trip through the matrix. Jesse Stewart is a masterful teacher who has been perfecting this course for many years and teaching with pure love and dedication to his students. It's design is well balanced between sexual, social and spiritual life in a group context that builds lifelong friendships. You'll walk away with many practical techniques and practices that are extremely powerful and well worth the cost of admission.

~ JW, Wave 9

Jesse and Laura have put together a curriculum that is challenging, highly engaging, and super fun. Rich Esoteric knowledge was delivered with earnestness and levity. I can confidently say that the Spiritual Bootcamp helped me evolve sexually, spiritually, and socially – I am now an Athlete of the Spirit with a special set of skills that have already proven to be invaluable in all aspects of my life.

~ Luke Anderson, Executive Director of StopGap, Wave 4

I feel the experience of both leaders offered an integrated personal/group training into feeling alive and introspective.

~ David Shyu, Registered Acupuncturist, Wave 1

A beautiful, life changing course, built on love – boosting us all to become the best versions of ourselves, so that we can bring forth more love, light, and understanding.

~ Linda Berg, Artist, Wave 3

Jesse and Laura’s facilitation was skillful and served as a grounding and centering anchor each week. I found the tantra study and assignments in a weekly group to produce embodied shifts in my relationship and personal sexual life. The spiritual science component provided models and templates to see myself and events in my life in a more coherent and productive way. The peer facilitation practices were perhaps the greatest contribution, in that I now have access to a network of friends and peers who have the skills and knowledge to aid in my processing just about anything I’m dealing with. Covering this material in a group setting over five months helped to entrench the knowledge and practices and forged lasting connections with like-minded folks. All in all, the Spiritual Bootcamp was a rich personal development experience that I highly recommend.

~ Sebastian Nieto, Psychotherapist, Wave 3

As a veteran of the Spiritual Bootcamp more than once, it has been wonderful to watch the growth of the program – and growth of the teachers, Jesse and Laura. There’s nothing like this. It’s an environment where everyone contributes and everyone is excited to take the learning into their lives, sharing it with others and seeing the ripple effect. It’s run as a tight ship but when anyone falls down there is only encouragement to rise again. There’s a great sense of support and I felt I was a valued pillar in the circle. And making music together was a treat.

~ Quinton K., Musician, Wave 2 & 4

Spiritual Bootcamp helped me build strong foundation and focus on my path. It opened my eyes to see through the world of Maya, and spiritualize every aspect of my life including my sensual life. It helped me to go further on my path and mature into a lightworker who can be a pillar for others. I am forever grateful for Jesse and Laura’s teachings.

~ Mozhdeh Nikmanesh, Nurse In Training, Wave 3

The Spiritual Bootcamp is not like any other course that I’ve ever experienced… Laura and Jesse have created a very unique opportunity for those who wish to take their spiritual practice to the next level. Many ancient secrets were revealed, technologies of the body were taught, and the practice of transmuting sexual energies into spiritual capacities were brought to light with careful scholarship in a truly loving, and open group dynamic. It’s a remarkably comprehensive source of information, taught with eloquence and wisdom! If that little voice is trying to nudge you, listen to it: buy the ticket and take the ride that will uncover your greatest gifts… The world will thank you!

~ Carl Ayling, Wave 1 & 4

The quality of, and care with which, extra learning materials and summaries were selected and crafted is a testament to the earnest commitment that Jesse and Laura invest into this course and their pupils. The instructors are eminently trustworthy and caring. This is a unique course – really one of a kind – well worth the investment and of excellent value.

~ Eric G., Marketing Consultant, Wave 4

All of it is very positive and eye-opening. You don’t know what you don’t know until you go … so – if you are open to expanding your mind and heart with spiritual knowledge, in addition to learning healthy interpersonal strategies, this is the place for you. It’s not just about inner work but skills that benefit your daily interactions.

~ Lewissa S., Tech Sales, Wave 4

I had lost my connection to my Higher Self and was confused about my purpose in life. I prayed and Jesse and Laura are the gift I received from the universe. They showed me a path and have always been there to guide me as I continue to grow. They introduced me to meditation techniques that helped me elevate, ask the right questions and connect to my Higher Self. Today when I am faced with sadness, anger, desire and the unforgiving challenges of life, I remain still, calm and in grace. The Spiritual Bootcamp is an interdisciplinary course and will bear the fruit of the intention you put into it. Gratitude to Jesse and Laura for their work and sincerity to make this world a better place.

~ Amit Praharaj, Wave 2

We all learned, taught and practised healthy, helpful conscious-expanding techniques and grew into a merry family of friends who cared for each other and shared not only in spiritual wisdom but in snacks, story, song, love and laughter. A de-Light-full experience that is valuable for any self-improving seeker to submerge within, fine-tune, expand and re-explore.

~ Angel Devaki, Teacher, Wave 1

The Spiritual Bootcamp has been such a gift from both Jesse and Laura who guided with such integrity and heartfelt passion. It has been my place each week to check in with myself and to practice developing my mind and body connection within a safe, supportive container. I walk away with a sense of being more grounded and connected, with many tools to navigate and release old patterns and ways. A community of true connection and support was built, and new doorways within myself were opened. I leave with a sense of awe, reverence, and immense gratitude for an experience that will continue to grow within me.

~ Samantha Clark, Yoga Teacher, Wave 3

A spiritually satisfying course and enriching community to be a part of. This course was extremely well thought out, artfully curated, and presented in a way so that the magnitude of information and ancients tools given, can be practically implemented in your life.

~ Jill Stella Richards, Wave 4

As a ‘First Waver’ I can honestly say that this was a wonderful experience for me. The groundedness of a weekly commitment to meeting with my fellow seekers was just what I needed at that time in my life. It gave me many new tools to work with, not only for my own practice but for future work with a partner. I now have a network of lovely souls to connect with as needs arise. The spiral of inner work continues…

~ Christina Schlegel, Registered Massage Therapist, Wave 1