Other Lofty Offerings


Apart from classes and programs, there are other periodic Lofty events and gatherings. These include monthly sound circles, Spiritual-Science Talks, meditation circles, singing bowl soundbaths, movie nights, rural retreats, camping trips, etc.  

Building community to support the healthy, balanced growth of the individual is at the heart of Power For Conscious Living.   

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Lofty Gatherings

Bring an instrument or use one of ours to co-create a live soundscape, raise our voices, dance with soul -  finished off with a meditative crystal-bowl soundbath.

We journey together to cultivate energy, awaken powers, expand consciousness and build community. Join us to raise vibrations for personal and planetary transformation. This is a place where you can explore creating improvised sounds with others in an environment which invites you to honour what's alive within you at any given moment.

(If you have a birthday around this time, let us know - we want to celebrate YOU!)

The Honourable Paul Hellyer was a Guest Speaker at the sprimg Series of Spiritual Science Loft Talks


Ancient Technologies for Modern Living part 1: Electric Egyptians

Fire in the Middle: The Mystery of the Great Giza Pyramid Explained

Why 5G and Ancient Egyptian Energy Science Need to Meet

Understanding Your Temperament: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic

The Heart is NOT a Pump ~ The Esoteric Backstory on Physiology

Goethean Science: Penetrating Nature's Open Secrets

Tantra to Turn On the Best Parts of Yourself Part 2/2

Best Sex Ever: How Tantra Can Turn You into a God-Goddess Part 1/2

Spiritual Emergence-Emergency: Mental Health, Spiritual Awakening & Autism Part 2/2

Spiritual Emergence-Emergency: Mental Health Issue or Human Initiation? Part 1/2

Trans-Religion: The Abrahamic Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as Bearers of Ancient Archetypes

The Maya-Matrix, Artificial Intelligence & the Sun-Hero Archetype

Duality, the Power of Patterns and Cultivating Consciousness

Energy Hygiene & Spiritual Protection: Entity Possession Part 2

Energy Hygiene & Spiritual Protection Part 1

Secrets of Kundalini pt.3 ~ Key to Metamorphosis

Secrets of Kundalini pt.2 ~ The Will of the Universe

Secrets of Kundalini pt.1 ~ The True Evolutionary Force

Psychic & Psychological Functions of Each Chakra and Mental Health

Getting Clear On Karma ~ Old and New Views

Between Death and Rebirth ~ The Unseen Side of Reincarnation

Dealing With Your Dark Side Before You Die (and have Fun doing it)

Spiritual Evolution pt 3. ~ The Physics of Angels and Other Beings Evolving With Us

Spiritual Evolution pt2. ~ The Campaign for Consciousness: From Sentient Life to Future Challenges

Spiritual Evolution pt1. ~ The Origins of the Cosmos

The Connection Between Organs and Orbiting Bodies of Solar System

Jesse speaking at The Maya-Matrix and Artificial Intelligence  Spiritual Science Loft Talk