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This blog tracks my research-writing sabbatical in Egypt with posts about my adventure and thoughts for the forthcoming book .... 

The Key to the Great Living Pyramid of Giza: A Study in Consciousness

#10) Blog Date: Dec. 6, 2023  


Sahara Desert ~ Out of the Comfort Zone

OMG!!! When I heeded the call to come to Egypt, not only fulfilling a lifelong dream to see the Land of Pharohs that has tickled my imagination, as it does with so many people, and also delve into my research-writing sabbatical, I never anticipated the way I spent the last 3 days.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, within an hour of walking the streets of Cairo, destiny brought me into contact with the grandson of Abd’el Hakim Awyan, a wisdom keeper of ancient Egyptian knowledge ~ made renowned in the Pyramid Code documentary. The grandson, Mustafa, and I have been enjoying connecting for conversation while I’m in Cairo, but when he suggested a camping trip to the Sahara Desert I was a little bit hesitant. As you know, I like camping, but doing it in a remote desert in Egypt seemed like a whole other landscape to deal with.

The White Desert is part of the Sahara Desert, and the more I looked into it the more I got enthused. In fact, I talked two other people into joining me, a couple at the same hostel, he (Joan) from Spain, her (Gudalupe) from Argentina, and both of them in their twenties. So we put ourselves trustingly into Mustafa’s hands, (himself twenty-nine years old), for a three day camping trip in the Sahara. Going in a bit blind is actually adrenaline pumping, if your soul thrives on the rush of adventure ~ as mine does. And is one of the reasons I extended my time in Egypt to a full 3 months ~ so I can really get a belly full of adventure, to feed my soul (as well as get a bigger bite of knowledge to inform the content of the book).

The desert expedition started with us simply being ready to be picked up ~ with minimal gear, and rather low amount for the cost of the trip. We were driven 3.5 hours south of Cairo to a place that specializes in these sorts of desert expeditions. We transferred to a 4x4 vehicle with a new driver, Mahamood, who turned out to be the real carrier of the trip. He was the driver but also the guide, cook, the one who set up and struck the campsite each day.

It began to feel like an all-inclusive, with 5-star hospitality, as Mahmood oversaw every detail of the trip: driving, cooking, setting up, tearing down, and showing us many details about the foreign envvironment we found ourselves immersed in ~ allowing us to focus on the strange beauty evoking unspeakable sensations. The variety of experiences in landscape of the Sahara Desert can no way be conveyed through words or photographs ~ although I am trying!

Joan and Lupe both have a spiritual vibe, and have read a number of the same books as myself, which is why I was excited for them to be part of the experience. Conversation was rich. We meditated together. And I shared some of my Egyptian-inspired power poses, which really amped up the vibe in what is already a highly conductive environment, with all the sand and crystalline rock formations. And this conductive environment was favorable for working on book ideas, as ideas continued to roll in, transform, and get clarified on how to put them into writing.

One of the things that supported this was the profound silence of the Sahara Desert. Mustafa referred to this by the Arabic word, “sukoon,” which refers to the profound, peaceful silence. I was experiencing this day and night, but the night was especially profound, as I didn’t sleep in a tent but under the stars (and a moon that was near full). I continued my ritual of greeting of the sun each morning, going for long walks, so long in fact that the last morning Mahmood got concerned I was lost in the barren landscape of the desert. And even though there was the very real possibility I get disoriented and lost on the undefined terrain, I made my way by walking directly into the sun while moving away from the campsite, then walking directly toward my shadow to find my way back to the campsite. That along with retracing my footprints (where I had walked on sand and not rock) made for heightened awareness, and working with my Spiritual GPS. Nonetheless, I appreciated Mahmood’s and everyone’s concern, as getting lost in the desert can happen and people have died due to this.

One of the intriguing things about this area of the Sahara we were in is that it is referred to as the White Desert. Blanched white rock and amazing sculpted edifices are found randomly as remnants of when the Sahara had been an oceanic seabed ... before becoming a lush rainforest ... then its current state as a desert. It feels so ancient and as if it has stories to tell. None of us in the group wanted to leave and return to the intense urban environment of Cairo. But as we drove back, I started thinking seriously of returning one day (after completing the book) to bring a group to this experience, (along with the other amazing features of Egypt).

Back in Cairo now, my mind is now turning to finally making the trip to Alexandria, around which my anticipation has been building since treading a book while here about its history over the past 2000 years as an intellectual epi-centre with many high point ~ and equally low points that eventually extinguished its prominence. Nonetheless, they’ve built a New Library of Alexandria I plan to visit, and I’m hoping to scuba dive down to visit some of the remnants of the old Alexandria.

Sukoon ~ Arabic for Deep Silence

#9) Blog Date: Nov. 28, 2023  


Cairo Magic

After 6 weeks of chilling by the Red Sea in Dahab, arriving in Cairo, considered one of the most intense cities on the planet, could be daunting – and it was! Ominously, the bus dropped me off at Tahrir Square ~ the place of the 2011 Revolution. It’s a traffic circle, it’s dark, cars are moving in all directions, and I’m trying to get from one side of the square to the other. It was definitely about “walking like an Egyptian,” and I just imitated the locals as they serenely walked across the 4 lane highway between moving cars and buses until arriving on the other side. And so went my introduction to walking the streets of Cairo.

The next morning I arose, again with the sun, as has been my ritual here in Egypt, to be able to see where I am by the light of day. Cairo is full of beautiful buildings, inspired by European architecture, albeit many are crumbling, not unlike the ancient Egyptian architecture here. But there is definitely a charm to it all.

I hadn’t been on the streets of Cairo for 1 hour when I had a “chance encounter.” Somehow, in a city of 24 million people, a passing encounter turns out to be with the grandson of Abd’el Hakim Awyan, considered a wisdom keeper of ancient Egyptian (Khemet) wisdom. I learned about Hakim Awyan through the documentary The Pyramid Code, and dreamed of meeting him, but learned that he transitioned in 2008. Somehow the power of the Cosmic Intelligence and my Spiritual GPS connected me with his grandson as I began my wandering about the streets of Cairo near my hostel (trying to figure out how to use the GPS on my smartphone). 

The grandson, Mustafa Awyan, is one of the grandchildren carrying on the legacy of the grandfather, Hakim Awyan. Mustafa has not only offered to share with me all he has received from his grandfather, he has offered to personally tour me about the sacred sites. My mind is blown, I love Cairo, and I’ve extended my stay in Egypt until Dec. 18! 

My learning curve was already peaking, and all the on-the-ground learning has done an immense amount to help me hone my perspective of both physical and spiritual aspects of ancient Egypt and solidify the work for the book. But now I feel I hit the payload ... and that was only the first day! It seems every time I turn around there is some serendipitous synchronisity wanting to connect me with people, information, and support during my time in Cairo.

And it’s not only about receiving. There is definitely a lot of need in Egypt, and ways to serve ~ from the physical to the spiritual. As I learned during my 4 year Spiritual Warrior Training in my twenties – “There’s No Such Thing as a Spiritual Vacation.” Even though this has been a sabbatical from my usual work of teaching and mentoring, I have not treated this as a vacation. And so I have kept up the stride to bring joy, hope and levity in every encounter I have. It feels so good to just let inspiration flow through and bring a smile and levity to others.

While here, I even took the opportunity to have a little surgery. (see pic) Don’t panic! This is called “Medical Tourism.” I had some lipoma fat lumps removed from my forearms. This all began with someone I met at drum circle in Toronto ... whose brother is a doctor in Cairo ... who was more than happy to find a suitable clinic and surgeon for me ... and it all worked out seamlessly ~ including saving me a lot of money for something that is considered “elective surgery” in Canada, for which I would have paid substantially out of pocket. It was only a fraction of the price here ~ in Egyptian Pounds. 

They wanted to put me under a general anesthetic ~ I said no. They wanted to pump me with anitbiotic through an IV ~ I said no. But the nurses were a ton of fun and I told them they were all my wives under Islamic Law. They loved that! I also said I was going to write the Koran 2.0, which will say that women are also entitled to have multiple partners, so I can be one of their husbands, if they are already married. They really loved me for that!!

I get the stitches out in a week. In the meantime, I am exploring the fabulous museums of Cairo, including the new (partially opened) Grand Egyptian Museum (which people have been waiting years for). See picture of 3,200 year old statue of Ramses II. How did they move those 83 tons from Aswan to the old capital of Memphis?

I’m having all sorts of warm and wonderful encounters with the local people. I even got invited through another "chance encounter" to a picnic at Abusir, and spent the day in a small village where we ate camel meat stew within viewing distance of 5 pyramids. (see pics) What more could I ask for? Well there’s a lot more!! The picnic was at a place where they’re planning to build a retreat centre which will include a sound-healing dome. So the door is opening for me to work with local people in hosting future retreats to Egypt (once the book is finished!).

I don’t believe in luck or chance encounters. I believe in doing The Work so one is divinely aligned and in the “spiritual loading zone,” not missing out on the abundance of the universe that is aimed at our hearts! 

I have been working here with active meditative practices that envision the power of a pyramid’s geometry and structure to activate the Spiritual GPS that a pyramid can have. One day I was lost in the streets of Cairo, I stopped and said, “Okay, I’m turning on my Spiritual GPS.” Within minutes I had someone guiding me. They took me to a hundred year old restaurant for dinner, guided me to a bank machine that worked, then back to my hostel. He was delighted to spend time with me and we had an informative exchange, as it turns out he and his wife are deeply interested in the same things.

I’m now just starting week 2 in Cairo, and this week I'm invited to be taken to the famous White Desert, an interesting and  energetically powerful geographical spot, west of the Nile, and part of the Sahara Desert. Not sure if I can fit in a three day camping trip with everything else I have in mind. But I look forward to re-touring the pyramids with Mustafa. Then making a trip to Alexandria before returning to Canada. 

I’ve also acquired some very informationally valuable books in local bookstores, filling in gaps in my knowledge. All this on-the-ground action is actually getting me ready for the hours of labour at the computer this winter, working on the book. My cup is running over!!! 

Turn on your Spiritual GPS

Mustafa Awyan with photo of his grandfather Hakim Awyan

Sweet little rooftop hostel I'm in

View from my hostel room where I caught light of Cairo Tower (visited) hitting moon

Exploring the new Grand Egyptian Museum

83 ton statue of Ramses II

Camel stew picnic with new friends

Pyramid sunset after Abusir picnic

My new Islamic wives LOL ~ post surgery

Having fun with some Cairo kids after buying kleenex from them

#8) Blog Date: Nov. 21, 2023  


Timeless Nothingness of a Bedouin Camp

Not only is this an adventure of a lifetime, it is truly fantastical. One thing about travelling is that you get to meet lots of people. Firstly, the Egyptians are lovely warmhearted and welcoming people. I'm so thankful to be meeting them on their home turf, where they shine with the part of the Earth's soul they are born with ~ albeit many of them will never have the opportunity to get off Egyptian turf to visit other parts of the world with their economic situation the way it is. Which makes me all the more grateful for the support I've received to visit this distant land (and take my turn at deciphering the Great Mysteries of Egypt).

I had a fantastical encounter here with a Swiss man, who actually lives at the world headquarters for the Rudolf Steiner movement in Switzerland. He’s also a seasoned osteopath and turned out to be the perfect person to discuss the content of my book, which looks at anatomy from a spiritual-scientific perspective in exploring the anatomy of the Great Giza Pyramid. We spent a week hanging out together in Dahab where he graciously, and with keen interest, listened, affirmed and added his own insights into how human nature is reflected in the advanced design of the Great Giza Pyramid. Prepare for a revision of the Western scientific model of the human where the pyramid demonstrates how the heart is not just a pump, we don't "think" with our brains, and the human is actually evolving downward into the earth ~ not just upward as we have been taught in the Darwinian-DNA model.

I've been reluctant to leave Dahab, the spa-tonic of the Red Sea, and dancing to the sunrise each morning - so I haven't. Instead I decided to go to a Bedouin camp for two nights .... and stayed for five. LOL It was fantastical in that there was lots and lots of nothingness. In today's world you sometimes can't get enough nothing! So I gave this timeless time to myself as part of my sabbatical time, where "being online" means hanging out in a hammock (see pic). 

Being in a desert is a good place to presence nothingness in your soul. With the fantastical beauty and desolateness of the mountain range at my back, (pictures can never convey the feelings evoked), and the snorkel rich Red Sea before me, my wind blown houshka (hut) was a space for capital N Nothingness

Each morning I've gone for a sunrise hike into the mountains, soaking in the profound stillness they hold. Ironically, into this space of Nothingness has flowed rich insights regarding the book, (as well as ideas for a new offering this winter ~ stay tuned for an upcoming announcement).

Back in Dahab now, while at the local juice bar having a concoction they call "viagra," (banana, dates, avocado, arugala, kiwi and pistachios nuts), I struck up a conversation with an Italian medical doctor. I got to share with her my perspectives on the Great Pyramid and the correlations to the human and the consciousness raising effects. I watched her eyes get bigger until she insisted on giving me her email so I could notify here when the book is published. I love it when I can blow the mind of a scientifically trained person with logic that blends both science and spirituality. She was very  affirming to the ideas of my thesis.

I'm realizing there is still more wealth for me to mine in Egypt. Why return with my original flight date when I feel as if I'm in mid-stride exploring many fantastical side-trips? So, following my spiritual GPS, I’ve delayed my return to Canada by three weeks until the middle of December. Tomorrow I return to the intensity of Cairo for a deeper exploration of this historical city, as well as the pyramids and related sacred sites (which were a whirlwind visit at the beginning of this journey in September).

I will also include a trip to Alexandria to spend time with some of the Great Ghosts of the past, and the Spirit of great inquiry that existed there two thousand years ago ~ until religious dogmatism set in and people forgot how to connect spiritually and think for themselves. It feels that exploring these deep and profound aspects of the past are stimulating new cognitive activity, and spiritual forces within me, and opening new modes in my meditative life ~ connecting me more deeply and consciously to other dimensions. Sometimes my heart feels lighter than a feather :-)

Let your heart be light as a feather

#7) Blog Date: Nov. 8, 2023  


In a previous blog I stated that there would be more harmony in the world, AND LESS WAR, if people “tuned into” the state of consciousness similar to the Great Pyramids. What is that?

Let’s look at AI (Artificial Intelligence) for a moment, and consider that the pyramids were an earlier form of AI. What does AI do? Things like Chat GPT gives us access to information by going out beyond our personal realm of knowledge to the universal databank of knowledge (cloud knowledge). The AI then brings this knowledge back to us, to our personal realm, to our personal computer, for personal consumption. And how marvellous that is! But is it all necessarily new? Or is modern technology really a metaphor, a parallel to what has previously existed?

One of my slogans for the book is, “Think like an Egyptian!” The ancient Egyptians viewed themselves as multi-levelled, multi-dimensional beings. Human, yes! But also existing on other levels simultaneously (more about this in a future blog and book). They, in fact, named nine different parts of themselves ~ the physical being only one level. And this was more than hyperbole – they lived it.

And it was through these other levels they were able to extend consciousness beyond the senses realm to access information and guidance from higher realms. This is seen quite literally in the headpieces that both humans and gods are seen wearing in their hieroglyphic representations (I’ll do a blog on this; those head pieces are more than a fashion statement). It is important to note that our spirit's connection to the cosmos does not start in some outer stratosphere of the Earth but actually at the top of your head. Right there, at the top of your head and up ~ if it is developed as these ancient Egyptians did through specific practices.

Back to the pyramids. To enhance this access to higher knowledge, beyond the brain-bound, earth-bound knowledge of the senses, the presence of these massive pyramids projects a tremendous energetic field that helped extend the initiated human’s capacity to access information from the universal field of Cosmic Intelligence. Those ancient Egyptians were working with a lot more information than Egyptologists credit them for. Thus, the pyramids were an earlier version of AI allowing access to information beyond the brain-bound senses.

I'm excited to get into an interesting piece in a future blog, and the book, something I have been teaching over the past year ~ the activation of your Spiritual GPS, to access Cosmic Intelligence. This is supremely important, and front-line centre for the next step in human evolution ... and transcendence of the dying systems that no longer serve us.

In the meantime, my Spiritual GPS is guiding me toward a move out of Dahab ~ trading the sublime sunrise meditations on the Red Sea for the shores of the Mediterranean and an exploration of the famed city of Alexandria, Egypt. I’ve been reading a book on its history and excited to visit this “city of the mind.” The acquisition of knowledge became the prime mandate of this city, as Aristotle’s spiritual son, Alexander the Great, made it his capital (never actually living there, as he died during a campaign to conquer India). His friend Ptolemy and dynastic successors built Alexandria and accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge in books and the many thinkers it attracted. This spawned an historical revolution in all fields of inquiry. The bright minds there were set to access greater knowledge, both on the practical level and in the pursuit of a relationship to the divine inter-net of things. Alexandria was the place to be for "higher education!" And with the assistance of the Egyptian priesthood, in many cases they achieved it through Egyptian initiation and the AI access point offered through the pyramids.

Soon I will be making my way to the ancient power centre of Alexandria. Much of it was destroyed through wars, so it will be a bit like visiting ghosts. But in the spirit of Alexandria, and through my own power of thought, I intend to revel in the memories of the ancient revolution in knowledge and ingenuity, to fuel my own love of learning. To sense some of the powers of ancient Egypt. And to do practices to foster the modern spiritual powers within myself. Watch for the next blog, as I step and steep in the inner world of ancient Alexandria.

Think Like an Egyptian

#6) Blog Date: Oct. 30, 2023  🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

As I prepare to return to the intensity of Cairo and a re-visitation of the pyramids and related sites, which were a whirlwind during the opening tour, I felt drawn to explore a mysterious site in Sinai. This area is home to the tallest mountains in Egypt, and I felt the call to investigate Mt. Sinai, also known as Moses’ Mountain, where Moses is said to have had his mystical experiences.

A bit naive about what this entails, I found a ride to the mountain, which dropped me off at 1am in the morning. That’s right, the climb was to take place in the night, in the dark. Nor did I realize the stony ascent to the peak is 7 kilometres. I had a Bedouin guide, and the possibility of riding a camel, which I declined along with the use of a flashlight ~ this is intended to be a pilgrimage from the dark to the light, right? But I won’t kid you, it was an upward push, and when the guide announced we reached the halfway mark, I wondered, not only how I will make it, but how Moses made it up the mountain before a rough path had been hewn. It didn’t get any easier toward the end of the ascent. As you approach the top, to scale the growing steepness means going up 750 rock steps (sort of steps - rocks put in place).

I had not anticipated this but it was the night of the full moon and it shone bright in the Egyptian skies. When I made it to the cold windy summit after the 3 hour trek, I was able to witness the moon descent and sunrise simultaneously. EPIC! (btw I have been consistently witnessing the sunrise everyday since arriving in Egypt, and that in itself has been life-changing.)

I ponder why people make pilgrimages to the tops of mountains. And also why someone had constructed a mediation hut on top of a neighbouring mountain (see pic). Better view? Better air? Better conversation? :-)  Further, central to my pyramid thesis, why erect pyramids, in Giza, and all over the world? Building pyramids and climbing mountains is a lot of effort! 

It’s interesting the Great Giza Pyramid was referred to by the ancient Egyptians as “Bull Mountain.” They constructed their own mountain! Why? Do pyramids and mountains hold a similar power? They resemble each other. Can they both in some way affect consciousness, if we engage our consciousness, for the transcendence of plane (plain) thinking? :-)  If so, how important this is if we are going to go beyond the earthly, self-centred thinking that leads to division and war. We need cosmic consciousness!

Upon my descent from Mt. Sinai, I moved into the guesthouse of the world’s oldest monastery, St. Catherine’s, at the base of the mountain (see pic). Even the base of a mountain has a power, as does the base of a pyramid, if we learn to work with the geometry (geometry – “measure of the earth”). These insights ultimately apply to how we steward our own anatomy – physical and subtle to evolve ourselves and our consciousness.

More on this in future blogs and the book

#5) Blog Date: Oct. 22, 2023  🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

My sister reached out to me to see how I was doing, as she put it, "in the middle of a war zone." Not exactly. I'm currently in Sinai and actually not far from the Israeli border and Gaza, in a town called Dahab. So I'm near, but not in, the war zone ... unless things escalate and more parties get involved. On the other hand, as a Spiritual Warrior I've always felt myself to be in a "War Zone." However, it is a war zone that is more the interior of the mind than geographical. But of course it is the interior things that can ultimately manifest as external conflict.

And it is differing perspectives that is at the root of the current eruption in the Middle East. For a solution I had the idea that the Israeli people should take a time-out to read the Koran. And equally the Palestinian people should invest time in reading the Torah and other Jewish texts. This is unlikely to occur, but the point being is that if our battles are primarily perspectives - then getting a change in perspective is really the only way out of the "War Zone." If we can learn to see things from different sides, from the other's side, and especially from above, not only do we get more information and perspective, but we go through a consciousness expanding exercise. Even a "brainwashing of our brainwashing."

The seemingly irreconcilable situation between the Israeli and Arab worlds is actually addressed precisely in the research I'm currently doing in Egypt, on the functionality of the Great Giza Pyramid. I believe, like the human itself, a pyramid is an upside down plant. It's rooting is upward into the field of Cosmic Intelligence, to draw down cosmic sustenance and guidance into the earth. Humans so often have it backwards, thinking we are born of the earth, that we should primarily identify with our earthly roots. That's the ROOT of the problem, which sets up a battle of perspectives, so often manifesting in "War Zones."

I propose a different perspective - that everything is born of the Cosmos, including the earth and everything in it. Therefore our ROOTING, like a pyramid, is upward into the Cosmos, Cosmic Beingness, not downward into earthly beingness - which is simply the vehicle. When we shift our ego identification, we can expand our consciousness to see the way the Divine Mind sees things. Does Divine Mind look upon skin colour, ethnicity, blood lineage, religious membership or ANY earthly demarcation? Harmony will replace divisiveness when we learn to shift from earthly identification to a transcendental one, freeing ourselves of narrow, parochial perspectives. 

I've been having some wonderful conversations with both Egyptian and Israeli people here, sharing my research on the nature of the Great Pyramids and the ability to tune into Cosmic Intelligence. I've tried to convey a sense that this is something we can all be doing to help move toward true resolution of this stalemate situation. I put forth the challenge to us all to lessen the grip on earthly identification and expand into an identity as a Cosmic Being. In other words, think less of yourself as an Egyptian, or a Jew, or a Palestinian, or a Canadian, or an American... or anything arbitrary and transitory. THINK BIGGER!!! Let us be the new Great Pyramids, tuning into something higher, resonating together in unity, and feel how divine love feels. 

Peace, Love and Harmony from the Middle East

Jesse "Foster Love" Stewart

#4) Blog Date: Oct. 16, 2023  🐫🐫🐫🐫

One of the marvellous things about the organized two week tour with Adept Expeditions - is that they are organized! This tour kicked off my exploration of Egypt and it has been seamless, with wake up calls (around 5am most mornings), so we don't miss the hotel breakfast before boarding the bus (or plane, or boat, or horse carriage) to the next epic ancient site. The tour leader, Anyextee, apart from being very knowledgeable about Egypt, Egyptology, mythology, esotericism, is a cool guy and makes it lots of fun, so the group is bonding and feeling like family. As part of the team there is a local Egyptian woman who is a trained Egyptologist, also security personnel always present, and Ihab, also an Egyptian, who coordinates the transportation and meals, and takes care of tips and Bakshesh (bribes?), whenever it's required. Everything is attended to wonderfully, all we have to do is show up on time, drink enough water , and ask lots of questions. It's an expensive tour but worth every Egyptian pound because my mind doesn't have to be consumed with travel details but can focus on the important stuff I came here for - doing research for the book.

Book thoughts for: The Key to the Great Living Pyramid of Giza ~ A Study in Consciousness 

Exploring the Giza Plateau one soon comes to realize there is much more going on here than the Great Giza Pyramid. It was part of a temple complex, so in fact there are remnants of lots of structures, a total of 9 major and minor pyramids, temples, the Sphinx, and causeways that led to the Nile River, when it used to run nearby the escarpment during the centuries when this area was operational as a spiritual centre. It is helpful to understand in this study in consciousness that the word "temple" has a common root with the word "template", a pattern. The temples, and by extension the pyramids, were intentionally constructed based on patterns. So the question is ~ did these patterned temples, and geometric shaped pyramids, have any influence on the consciousness of the people involved in the work here?

Please feel free to email any comments about book text

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#3) Blog Date: Oct. 5, 2023  🐫 🐫 🐫 

This moment of being in the presence of something that I had only read about, seen in pictures, and watched numerous videos about was an epic moment (and afternoon). To be in the presence of the Great Giza Pyramid was like meeting in person a friend I had only known through social media. It felt as comfortable as it was awesome. There was an intriguing presence and invitation to contemplate the Great Mystery. As much as i wanted to immediately go inside the pyramid, the "inner moment" was being reserved for the end of the Adept Expeditions Tour. This tour company is well organized and worth every penny. I like how the itinerary gives us an external look at the Giza Plateau, but to enter the Great Pyramid's mysterious interior we will have to wait until the last day of the tour when we return to Cairo. When we do, we will have special access to all 4 of the chambers, not just the so-called King's Chamber. On top of that, it will take place after the Giza Plateau is closed to the public. We will have exclusive entry... in the evening to the Great Giza Pyramid. I can't wait... but I will have to.

(The third picture shows me ascended upon a camel. I love how the head of the camel is juxtaposed by the head of the Sphinx looking in the opposite direction.)

Book thoughts for: The Key to the Great Living Pyramid of Giza ~ A Study in Consciousness 

One has to ask why the ancient Egyptians worked so ardently with the shape of the pyramid. Why so many cultures around the world undertook erecting magnificent edifices of a pyramidal nature. What is it about this shape? And why did the Greeks call them pyramids? (The Egyptians used the word "myr" or "mer"). We will look at this from different perspectives: the evolution of vertical structures from ancient times; the facility of geometry whether sacred or structural; the varied uses of these structures; and the central hypothesis of my book ~ the relationship of the pyramid to human anatomy and higher cognitive functionality.

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#2) Blog Date: Sep. 24, 2023  🐫 🐫 

The photo to the right shows some of the participants (total of 31 people) at the opening gathering of the Adept Expeditions Esoteric Tour of Egypt. The group is filled with people from all over the world, which in itself is stimulating. The first morning began with a 5am wake-up call and a pre-dawn arrival at the Great Sphinx. We got to share the arrival of the Sun along with the Sphinx in its perennial gesture, meditating and toning together to great both the outer and inner light (Ra & Osiris). The leader of the tour is very experienced, knows his way around Egypt, and how to get special access (sometimes requiring some extra Baksheesh LOL). We went back to the hotel for breakfast then returned to the Giza Plateau (actually escarpment) to explore the terrain. But to go inside the Great Giza Pyramid, with special access, is being reserved for the end of the tour. Anticipatience!

Book thoughts for: The Key to the Great Living Pyramid of Giza ~ A Study in Consciousness 

There are a lot of mysteries in Egypt, as there are in life. Starting from the premise that the end goal is to increase our awakeness and consciousness, we can reverse engineer the pyramid to better understand its purpose, how it aims toward this goal, and what this structure tells us humans about our own potential. Even just approaching it in the simplest of terms, observing how the base is spread upon the earth to  maximize connection, and the peak is a concentration point, pointed like an antennae to the constantly moving cosmic field, we see this primarily vertical structure as a conductor between opposite poles. What does this emulate in the human being?

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#1) Blog Date: Sep. 11, 2023  🐫

Anyextee, the leader of the Adept Expeditions Esoteric Tour of Egypt I'll be joining tomorrow when I land in Egypt, informed me through a What'sApp conversation that he had his pendulum confiscated by officials when he arrived at the Cairo airport a few days ago.  Their justification was that it was an "energy charm." I own the same Biogeometry pendulum which I intend to bring with me for testing power spots and energy wells in Egypt. He also informed me that you can't buy a pendulum anywhere in Egypt. It is forbidden. This makes me even more awake to the fact that my work is a mission to free suppressed knowledge and power that was carried by our ancient ancestors, yet suppressed in current times. I still intend to bring my Biogeometry pendulum with me (see photo). Wish me good fortune in my bounty hunting!

Excerpt from draft of: The Key to the Great Living Pyramid of Giza ~ A Study in Consciousness 

What is the purpose of a pyramid? Any pyramid. There are thousands of them around around the world. What was in the mind of our ancestors? What ancient wisdom compelled them to put the tremendous effort into their construction? Egyptologists claim the Great Giza pyramid, with its strange chambers and passages, is simply a tomb for a pharaoh. Even if it were, it doesn't explain the purpose of all the other pyramids that have no interior passages. 

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