Spiritual Alchemy

Spring Term Special

Powers and Perspectives for Personal & Planetary Transformation


Spring Special $350

(includes printed colour Biography Chart for tracking your colourful lifestory)

Starts Tuesday April 2, 2024

Orientation Evening open to all

Live in Loft OR via Zoom


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10 Session Program

Tuesdays 7 ~ 10 pm

April 2 ~ June 4

Participate: Live In-Loft or On-Zoom

(plus link to video recording)

This Winter Term of the new Spiritual Alchemy class has been a rich time of exploring new and ancient wisdom, so there will now be a SPRING TERM open for the over 20 students to continue but also open to new participants. There will be a brief review of material covered in Winter Term. There is also on-going access to the video recordings of all classes including Winter Term.

The SPRING TERM will again lead us into the fascinating world of ancient alchemy. When this is understood and applied in our spiritual work it leads to greater knowledge, power and transformation on both a personal and planetary level ~ which is what we are all really waiting for. Participants will be brought into an awareness of the unconscious levels of their being, the stages of development in life, and the stages of deconstruction after death, in what the ancient Egyptians called the Duat (Underworld). There will be an emphasis on developing the powers of the mind/soul, through movement, meditation and Egyptian HeKa (magic). 

Working together in the circle, as well as pairs, we will learn facilitation skills to meet our shadow, incubate our inner life and bring it into manifestation in a healthy manner. The ultimate aim is to bring about a refinement of the Self, Self-Creation, or  Spiritual alchemization” for personal & planetary metamorphosis (and have a fun and interesting Life).

Power Points of SPRING TERM

Review of Winter Term: Alchemy & Egyptian Cosmology

History and Historical Figures of Alchemy: Shamans & Scientists

Egyptian Archetypes in Hindu, Hebrew and Christian Iconography

Charting Your Personal History as a Spiritual Practice

Manifestations of Magic: From Ancient Egyptian Heka to Today (Biogeometry)

Psycho-Activating Plant Spirit Entheogens: Past & Present Best Practices

Sexual Alchemy & Transmutation for Building Conscious Light Body

Riding the Dragon of Desire to Your Destiny

Heart Centre Exercises to Tune Up Spiritual GPS for True Guidance

Activation of Third Eye & 33 Chakra System

Planetary Qualities Moved Etherically ~ Eurythmy

Focusing (Somatic Therapy) as an Alchemical Modality

Practical Approaches to the Afterlife & Relationship to the So-Called Dead

Meeting Other Kinds of "Spirits" on the Path to Personal Freedom

 Group "Field Work" and Dyads 

... and other inspired goodies


Jesse Stewart has just returned from a 3 month research trip to Egypt, gathering information for his forthcoming book: Spiritual GPS ~ Ancient and Modern: The Road to Consciousness. He has worked one-to-one with people for over thirty years as a Spiritual Psychotherapist helping turn roadblocks into stepping stones to living a freer more empowered existence. 

Jesse is also co-founder and director of The Spiritual Bootcamp which supports participants in taking their lives to the next level through a wide palette of instruction, including relationship, communication and facilitation skills (Focusing); key elements of Kriya Tantra Yoga; a 33 chakra system he has developed, awakening the Third Eye with advanced meditation techniques ~ exercises to bring about an integration of Body, Soul and Spirit. Jesse has been a seeker all his life to curate the best perspectives and practices to empower modern human evolution.  

Jesse is a graduate of Advanced Biogeometry developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, and has done extensive study of Spiritual Science  with Dr. Robert Gilbert of Vesica  Institute and the Clairvision School of Meditation with Samuel Sagan.  He is a musician and facilitates sound circles and soundbaths. He loves to apply his knowledge and passion to healing work with groups and individuals.

Spiritual Alchemy:

Powers and Perspectives for Personal & Planetary Transformation

10 Tuesdays Program: 7 ~ 10pm

Apr. 2 ~ June 4, 2024

(first night is Orientation Evening ~ open to all)

Participate Live In-Loft or On-Zoom

(includes video replay)

IF INTERESTED: please send an email to: Connect@PowerForConsciousLiving.com

An email with further information for attending will be sent when you email your interest.

PARTICIPATION: If accepted into this program you will be expected to arrive In-Loft or On-Zoom a minimum of 10 minutes before beginning of each session so you can become settled vibrationally. There will be time for participants to ask questions and take notes. There will be practices given each session that need to be maintained. 

If required, you have access to private consultation with facilitator, Jesse Stewart.

COST: Spring Special $350 (down from $400) for the 10 weeks, 7 ~ 10pm

(ask about payment options if unemployed or under-funded)

E-transfer to:  Connect@PowerForConsciousLiving.com



ATTEND: Show up for Orientation Evening in Loft or On-Line and see where the adventure leads.

900 Queen St. West @ Crawford St.

Loft 205, Buzz 016, second floor ~ last door

Jesse with Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt, founder of Biogeometry, of which Jesse is an Advanced Class graduate. Biogeometry is a practical vibrational science based on both modern and ancient understanding of the laws of energy and physics.

Jesse is pictured here with legendary Canadian composer and founder of the World Forum on Acoustic Ecology, R. Murray Schafer. Murray wanted to compose a piece for Jesse's crystal bowls before he passed away. He is also the one who first coined the term, "soundscape," and after which World Listening Day is commemorated, on Murray's birthday, July 18. Jesse wrote the biography, R. Murray Schafer and the Plot to Save the Planet, mentoring with Murray for seven years.