Resonating Egypt Expedition 2024

Greetings Friends ~ Inner and Outer Explorers

As you may know I did a three month tour of Egypt this past autumn 2023, as part of a writing-research trip. It was an incredible journey and I took the opportunity to explore as much of Egypt as possible to discover the divergent features it has to offer. I went with the intention of considering bringing a tour to Egypt myself at some point, thinking I would do that after my book is finished and published. However, the magic of Falak (Arabic for Cosmic Flow) is working with my Spiritual GPS and things are coming together more quickly than I expected, opening the way for a tour this coming September 2024.

While in Egypt there were synchronistic connections with amazing Egyptians who are prepared to help work on a tour from their side, and have facilitated this type of work in the past. On this side, I also have assistance from people who will be joining us on the tour.


The Resonating Egypt Expedition is not the usual tourism to Egypt. The intention is to work as a group to create space where participants can connect more deeply to the sacredness of the sites and geography we visit. We will be engaging with meditation and resonating exercises to heighten our inner experience, while outwardly experiencing some of the most incredible places on the planet. There will be time in our travelling to reflect and find deeper connection to inner spaces. We would like this to be a spiritual journey as much as a historical and geographical one, and be considered a Vision Quest.

We will be on the move each day, up early and following a tour itinerary ~ especially Week 1 and Week 2, while visiting the historical sites. Things will get progressively more laid back through the second and third weeks for those participating during those modules. 

It is also a time for me (Jesse) to continue work on the book through research and sharing of his core theory that pyramids, and the Great Giza Pyramid in particular has things to show us about human nature and our spiritual nature. This will inspire our work together. 


The structure of the Resonating Egypt Experience is modular so that a person can come for one week, two weeks or three weeks. Each week has a different flavour and experience. After looking at the focus of each week and what works with your budget, you can select what fits for you and sign on through the  Registration Form.


We continue to monitor the situation in Egypt and the Middle East and are registered with the Government of Canada to receive travel advisories regarding travel to Egypt. 

Here is a link describing the nature of safe travel in Egypt.

Portal Door in Temple

Nile Cruise

Bedouin Camp Lifestyle

MODULES: Come for 1, 2 or 3 weeks

WEEK 1: Sat. Sept. 14 ~ Sun. Sept. 22  👁️⃤   The Great Megalithic Sites of Egypt

At the start of the first week we will be landing in a new small, open air hotel I visited called, Peace House in Abusir, with a pyramid literally in our face. From there we are in reach of exploring the sites of Giza, Saqqara (including Serapeum), Dashur, and Abusir, which includes pyramids, temples, tombs, and Memphis Museum. Halfway through the week we will move to a hotel at Sphinx Square to visit Sphinx and Giza Plateau, and also spend time in Cairo and Cairo museums. This week includes many of the biggest highlights of ancient megalithic Egypt, while we engage inner spaces of sacredness in approaching these sites.

WEEK 2: Sun. Sept. 22 ~ Sun. Sept. 29 🌟  Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

For those who participate in the second week, there will be a shift in the tempo and terrain we explore. We will take a train to Luxor, where we will experience the famous temple described in Schwaller de Lubiz' book, The Temple of Man. This module includes visits to Luxor Museum, Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings. We will then board a cruise ship for 4 nights and travel south, visiting temples including homage to the Goddesses Hathor and Isis and their temples. These sacred sites will allow the group to engage as "Ka priests and priestesses" in meditative and acoustic resonating practices to raise the vibe for personal and planetary transformation. 

The cruise ship arriving in Aswan we will see the amazing quarry where to the megalithic stones were hewn for the great pyramids, and the amazing unfinished obelisk. I did this cruise last year and it was so special I knew I needed to return and bring others with me. This week will end off with a domestic flight back to Cairo.

WEEK 3: Sun. Sept. 29 ~ Sun. Oct. 6  🌊  Coastal Bliss

For those who engage in the third week, we will take an internal flight to the east side of Egypt, starting in the Red Sea coastal town of Dahab on the southern Sinai peninsula. Here the chill factor will go even further in this laid-back coastal town where my few day visit turned into a few weeks ~ because it was so hard to leave! Our accommodations for the first 3 nights will be in Mirage Village, where I enjoyed my stay, rising early for sunrise meditation and movement practices on the beach.

The salt waters of the clear Red Sea is a great place for cleansing and healing while swimming and snorkeling. It even has some of the best scuba diving in the world, among abundant coral reefs and marine life, if you wish to do that. The food offered in Dahab is over the top good, while enjoying Arabic style plush-cushion, waterfront dinning.

After 3 nights in Dahab we will travel a short distance up the coast by boat to a Bedouin Camp called Falak ("Cosmic Flow"). I went back there three times because the desolateness was so breathtakingly beautiful, and the stargazing invites connection to the cosmos. We will each have our own reed hut with the Red Sea just steps from our door. With the desert mountains to our back we can do sunrise hikes and meditation before breakfast. When the heat rises there will be lots of time for immersing in the Red Sea, as there's not much else to do here but hang out (literally in a hammock), or walk to the Blue Laguna for a fresh juice. The young Bedouins who run Falak Camp are great, as are the home-cooked Egyptian style meals. This is how the third week and entire expedition will conclude before taking an internal flight back to Cairo for our international flight home.


The September 2024 Resonating Egypt Expedition is as budget friendly as possible, while as comfortable as possible. All prices are cited in Canadian dollars and are based on double occupancy with same gender (or with a requested roommate). Let us know if you require single occupancy (at additional cost).


Prices with Early Bird Special

Get a Discounted price if $1000 deposit made by Early Bird Deadline of June 31. Full payment due July 31. You are responsible for the additional cost of the internal and international flights.

If attend just Week 1   $2,400  

If attend Week 1 & Week 2   $4,400  Early Bird discount of $200 to $4,200 CDN

If attend All 3 Weeks   $5,700  Early Bird discount of $200 more  to $5,300 CDN

Note: All the prices cited are in Canadian dollars. If you do price comparisons you will see most other tours are quoting in US dollars. This is a budget-friendly tour ~ because it is the beta version. Be assured it is also a quality tour and Jesse has stayed in or seen all the lodgings and places being visited. 

Also note that lodging, transportation in Egypt, entrance fees, guides, and one or two meals per day, depending on the location, are included in each week's cost. Items such as travel visa, beverages & snacks, and some meals are additional costs covered by the participant.

*1 You pay for the Tour only with this price. An additional $400 (approx.) CDN you will pay when you book the 2 internal flight (with our guidance). The same applies for the 2 internal flights for Week 3:  $200 + $200 = $400 CDN (approx).   

*2 Cost of Week 3 is considerably less than Weeks 1 and 2. This is because during Week 3 all meals for the first 3 days in Dahab, (great restaurants), are the participants responsibility (meals range from $5 CDN and up). Meals for the last 3 days at the Bedouin camp (breakfast and dinner) are included in Week 3 cost.


Secure Early-Bird Price with $1,000 deposit by June 31 

Deposit is refundable up until July 31 if your situation changes, of after that date if circumstances change in Egypt and we need to cancel the trip (flight is non-refundable unless purchasing that option with your airline ticket). 

We will then guide you with booking any necessary internal flights if attending Weeks 2 or 3.

Remainder of your trip cost is to be paid by July 31 (6 weeks before departure). 


Everyone is responsible for booking and paying for their own flight (with guidance) to and from Cairo. 

It is our intention that everyone attending the tour arrives at the same time, therefore flying on the same flight (unless other arrangements such as arriving before or leaving after tour dates).

EGYPT AIR (StarAlliance partner with Air Canada): 

Direct Flight Return (11 hours approx.) Toronto to Cairo approx. $1,700 CDN


Egypt Air MS996 Departure YYZ (Toronto Pearson) Sept. 14, 12:45pm / afternoon  (overnight flight)

Arrival CAI (Cairo International Airport) Sept. 15, 6:05am 


Return flight depends on which weeks you are attending.

After WEEK 1: EgyptAir MS995 Departure CAI (Cairo) Sun. Sep. 22, 2:50am (overnight flight)

After WEEK 2: EgyptAir MS995 Departure CAI (Cairo) Sun. Sep. 29, 2:50am (overnight flight)

After WEEK 3: EgyptAir MS995 Departure CAI (Cairo) Sun. Oct. 6,  2:50am (overnight flight)

Upon arrival in Cairo we will travel together by van to Abusir (cost included), which is just south of Giza and central to all the sites we will be visiting Week 1.


There is no vaccine required to travel to Egypt. We will be providing additional details regarding such things as obtaining a Travel Visa to Egypt, Things to Bring List, Travel Insurance, signing Liability Waiver, and specifics for each module. We will also provide information about currency, clothing, sim cards, and recharging electronic devices.

You will be given a draft copy of Jesse's forthcoming book, Cosmic GPS: The Fusion of Ancient and Modern for the Road to Consciousness, to read as preparation, and encouraged to read other materials about Egypt. 


If you have questions please reach out:

The team of Jesse, Devin, Liz, Mustafa & Mohammed are excited about this unique adventure.


When you are ready to sign on for the Resonating Egypt Expedition go to the Sign-Up Form to fill in your details.

Make payment by Email Transfer to:

Or through  (under the name George Stewart)


Meet Some of the Pyramid Power

Jesse Stewart

Jesse wet his appetite for travelling Egypt with his first trip to Egypt in September 2023, a 3 month exploration of all things Egypt. A graduate of the Advanced Biogeometry training (2010) developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Jesse approaches Egypt through a unique lens. He has a background in Spiritual~Science and is a teacher and published author, working on a 3rd book, Cosmic GPS ~ The Fusion of Ancient and Modern for the Road to Consciousness, where he examines the lost ancient Egyptian powers and perspectives that can guide us into a more balanced future. After his premier journey through Egypt he is excited to return with others and work with the Mystery wisdom of the ancients. Jesse teaches meditation and works with sound as a musician and for healing. To discover more about Jesse see here.

Devin Kinascz

Devin is an adventurous spirit with a passion for travel and mystical explorations. Her journey began with childhood holidays and studying abroad, backpacking and living in Europe. This passion led her to visit over 80 countries, including Egypt, and to work in the travel world. Alongside her travels, Devin is deeply engaged in spiritual pursuits, studying various healing modalities for 20 years. Additionally, she is a proud graduate of Jesse’s Spiritual Bootcamp! Combining travel and spirituality is a lifelong dream of Devin’s and she is very excited about the upcoming trip to Egypt.

Liz (Mystic Sister)

Liz is a trained Spiritual Director, Ritualist, Medicine Woman, Sound Healer and Blue Lotus Alchemist, as well as a graduate of Jesse's Spiritual Alchemy program. She has studied Egyptian Cosmology and Ritual Arts, working closely with the Egyptian deities and sacred Blue Lotus flower. Her mission is to reawaken the Divine Feminine which she does through her extensive training in Hebrew Goddess Shamanism, and 8 years of facilitating women's circles, ceremonies and retreats. Liz will bring the power of ceremony on our journey through Egypt, connecting us with the teachings of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, as well as facilitating our personal and collective power with experiential rituals and soundwork. Liz creates Blue Lotus teas and herbal blends in her Mystic Sister Apothecary: and IG: @mysticsisterarts. 

Mustafa Awyan

Mustafa and Jesse magically met in the streets of Cairo, which opened the way for this upcoming adventure. Mustafa is the grandson of mystical wisdom keeper, Dr. Abd'el Hakim Awyan, founder of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism.

Mustafa considers it his soul's mission in life and burning passion to continue his grandfather's tradition by being a bridge, translator and guide across the Egyptian landscape, and facilitate esoteric explorations of ancient Egypt for people seeking deeper wisdom. Mustafa helped guide Jesse into an exploration of the Giza pyramid area, as well as a camping trip into the White Desert. He is excited to help facilitate the upcoming Resonating Egypt Expedition.

Mohammed Nasser

Mohammad was born into the lineage of Egyptian tourism, his father being in the business for many years, building and managing the Saqquara View Guest House in Abusir, just south of Giza. Mohammad is continuing the family tradition, building another centre in the area to host retreats. His passion is expressed in offering hospitality to visitors to Egypt with the real warmth of the Egyptian soul.


As a group we will be touring the sites of Egypt, while taking time to connect to the quality of spaces from an inner meditative state of being. Working together we will co-hold sacredness and ritual to open to the spirit of the spaces we visit. Through this we will invite experiences that can initiate inner growth, healing, and illumination.

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