Structure & Content of Higher School

NOTE: Higher School is modular therefore it is not necessary to commit to all 3 terms. It differs from the Advance Training in that you can take any term at any time, they DO NOT have to be taken in consecutive order. Furthermore, due to the nature of the content of Higher School, (personal biography/karma work, artistic activities, Goethean studies, etc.) you can continually attend Higher School ~ forever ~ there is no graduation!

(People doing the Go Forth Program attend Higher School sessions for circle support in their self-initiation initiative at no additional cost.)


Higher School is for those who have completed all 3 terms of the Advanced Training. There is a continued weaving of the 3 threads of human experience – the social, the sexual and the spiritual. There is a shift away from the yoga of breath to the yoga of light with the introduction of an array of artistic activities to awaken the will. This compliments the personal biography, karma investigation and inner-child work of each participant, which is also complimented by the on-going support of the circle and power of the pair (dyad). There is more emphasis on the modern western spiritual path, practicing Goethean science and we will continue Spiritual-Science studies.