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Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung on Human Nature

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Current Series: Human ~ Not By Nature

Rudolf Steiner & Carl Jung on Human Nature

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Runs April 14 to May 26, 2022

7:30 - 8:45 pm EST

This is a 7 week series running every Thursday, followed by optional music, artistic activity and homework assignment.

(watch video replay if unable to attend live)

Free or by donation (suggested $50 for series)

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Zoom Meeting

Takes place on the Vision Train - the Non-Stop Global Art Jam


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Human ~ Not By Nature

Rudolf Steiner & Carl Jung on Human Nature

with Jesse Stewart

Do we know what human nature is and where it stems from? By delving deep and blending the work of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner, this series will offer solid alternative perspectives on the origin of life and human nature, beyond materialism, that is more inclusive of a spiritual reality. It will show how Neo-Darwinism is not the sole determining factor of our lives. It will also address our relationship to ego, other kingdoms of nature, the so-called dead, the future of technology, and transhumanism - the possibility of humans merging with machines. This series will be enlivening to your sense of self and expand your view of reality.

Jesse has been studying the works of both Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner and working as a spiritual teacher and guide for over 30 years. Researcher, author, musician, spiritual psycho-therapist and Director of the Spiritual Bootcamp, his diverse background allows him to weave a wide range of ideas. He works with groups and individuals to expand human resources and realities. And he's usually fun to listen to.

"Since people today on the whole can no longer think properly, they misunderstand what exists on earth as plant, animal and human. Thus materialistic Darwinism arose, which believed that the animals were there first and that the human simply developed out of the animals. It is true that in the external form the human is related to the animals, but the human existed earlier, and the animals really developed later after the world had gone through a transformation. And so we can say that the animals we see now present a later stage of an earlier condition when they were more closely related to the human. But we must never allow ourselves to imagine that out of the present animals a human being could arise. That is a thoroughly false idea."

Rudolf Steiner

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MATERIAL NEEDED: paper and pencil crayons or crayons

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There will be an optional wilderness camping trip for participants (August 2022). This is to build people's confidence in going into nature and engaging in nature encounters. Send email if interested:


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Password: 380295