Empathy with Nature

SERIES 1: Thinking Like a Plant

SERIES 2: Where Does the Animal End?

SERIES 3: Human ~ Not By Nature

Perspectives and Practices

to Connect with the Inner Nature of Nature

Live in the Loft / on Zoom / video replays

SERIES 2 starts January 13, 2022 ~ runs 7 Thursdays 7:30 - 9:30pm EST

(watch video replay if unable to attend live)

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Empathy with Nature

with Jesse Stewart

People often view nature as something outside of themselves, (object thinking). We know a lot about nature but is nature truly our teacher? We extract from nature to build things but do we know how to build ourselves through nature? As Goethe said, "If we want to behold nature in a living way, we must follow her example and make ourselves as mobile and flexible as nature herself."

We are at a critical juncture on the planet where we need to take our relationship with nature to the next level - to a living level, with a new way of seeing and perceiving, and allowing nature to be our living teacher through new ways of engagement. This series is a training of the powers of the heart and mind along the lines of Goethean phenomenology.

This workshop series will introduce perspectives and practices based on the scientific work of Goethe with inspirations from Rudolf Steiner, Owen Barfield and others, including inspirations from books: Thinking Like a Plant (Holdrege), The Threefold Animal and Human (Schad).

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I (Jesse) am in the middle of a two year program at The Nature Institute in Hawthorne Valley, NY and completed a two week residency this summer, working with director Craig Holdrege, will continue to study with them over the next year. For me, this is the cutting edge for both personal and planetary progress. We can learn to use our whole being to interface with "Nature" and find ourselves growing as the partners of the Earth we are born to be.

The vision is that after I complete my training (July 2022) I will organize a wilderness camping trip for participants (August 2022). This is to build people's confidence in going deep into nature and into themselves through a wilderness camping experience and engaging together in practices. Stay tuned.