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Join the next Wave of the Spiritual Bootcamp (Wave 11)

Starts January 2023

Where can you acquire the most rare, yet most important knowledge to be found on earth - self-knowledge?

Where can you acquire knowledge about Jungian archetypes, temperaments, dream research, Focusing, Tantra, communication and relationship skills, spiritual-science ...

while working on yourself - in circle, in dyads -

all in one place?

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"The Spiritual Bootcamp is really something special. To have the opportunity to study and experience such a choice selection of spiritual material is in itself outstanding. To do so in a group as genuinely supportive and encouraging as I was a part of, in an environment so saturated with good vibrations, in co-creation with a teacher as knowledgeable, whole-hearted, and passionate as Jesse is -- there's just so much about this that, when taken all together, is truly one-of-a-kind. I came through the course spiritually invigorated and stabilized. What a gift." Michael Reginato ~ Wave 9

See if The Boot fits for you ... to take yourself to your next level.

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